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Our EXPERIENCES since 1988

Ceramics –

porcelain, stoneware, earthenware, terra cotta,dolomite 

(housewares, home goods)

Porcelain Enamel

Cast Iron

Kitchen Utensils and Gadgets

Stainless Steel products

Cutlery and Flatware

Porcelain Enamel Tea Kettles and Dinnerwares

Home Accessories-soft goods

Personal Care

Food Storage

Stainless Steel Kettles 

Thermal plastics

Wood (furnitures)

Wood (kitchen accessories)

Wood (frames)

Silicone (kitchen products)

Aluminum Extrusions


(aluminum ally & zinc alloy)

Investment casting

(stainless steels)

Pressed metals 

Forging Steel& ALuminum

Kitchen Utensils


Thermal bottles

Thermal carafes

Wire products

Electronics Home appliances

Industrial Precision Matching

Defense-Grade Electronic positioning & communication Device

Tactical Equipments

Farming and Industrial Drones


Industrial Designers


Mechanical Engineer

Production Engineer

Quality Assurance

Graphic Designers

Packaging Designers

SOTA Photography Studio

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